Cleanly laundry detergent strips for your family

from our family ♥︎


Super easy to use

in a seconds

TEAR one strip

PUT one on top of laundry


START washing in few seconds

For standard 5kg load use 1 strip.
Super dirty laundry? Use 2 strips. For small load, just half of the strip;)


Avoid mess and plastic scoops

it’s waste of your time


No more measuring plastic scoops and spilt powder or gel in your bathroom.


Breath cleaner air 

on Sunday walk 🙂


Using the power of superconcentrated laundry detergent helps us to greatly reduce transport emissions.


Reduce 99,9% of plastic waste

for cleaner and greener tomorrows


No more measuring plastic scoops or plastic packaging that will end up in a landfill.
Fully recycled and recyclable kraft paper packaging.


Get rid of strains not your storage space

with powerful and concentrated laundry strips


Save your bathroom space with lightweight Cleanly laundry strips thanks to the superconcentrated cleaning formula.


Let’s use strips that protects water and nature

so we can enjoy it

Because we simply want the best for our childrens..


Product line

of Cleanly detergents


Cleanly laundry strips

unscented | 32 loads
Retail price 7,90€


comming soon…


Cleanly laundry strips

Baby | 32 loads
Retail price 7,90€


Cleanly laundry strips

Spring forest | 32 loads
Retail price 7,90€


Cleanly in action

from our lovely customers

„I was most attracted to little to no storage needs.“ – Viera

„Definitely satisfaction for me.“ – Martina

„I am very satisfied.“ – Zuzana

I am satisfied for the first time I washed the laundry with them, nicely washed and softer to the touch“ – Anna

„washed, fresh, satisfied, thank you“ – Eva

„I’m happy I don’t have to drag powder or gel home“ – Daniela

„Supeeer, underwear beautifully washed and fragrant.“ – Danica

„I’m very happy with them“ – Jana

„I’m excited. They are excellent.“ – Zar


For better future

30 times less transport emissions for the transport of goods

No plastic waste. Packed in recycled paper packaging

No plastic measuring cups and perpetual volume measurement

No spilled powder or liguid when rushing out of the house

Saves electricity, as they dissolve even at 30°C

Their composition does not endanger water or life in / from of water

No added perfumes or other unnecessary substances

◦ Using Cleanly does not indicate an allergy to washing powder


Help yourself with home tips for stubborn stains

✔︎ Ordinary sweat stains remove the baking powder.
One bag is enough for one washing machine.
In addition, baking powder will ensure the good condition of your washing machine, as it softens the water.

✔︎ Apply alcohol to the grass stains, leave on for a while and then wash.

✔︎ Leave sour milk on the blueberry stains before washing, remove the red wine with a little white wine, lemon juice and salt.

✔︎ Ordinary lemon has a whitening effect. If you add approximately 100ml of lemon juice to the washing machine, you will provide the laundry with a bright white.

✔︎ Lemon slices will help to whiten yellowed tarpaulins or grey curtains when washing.
Soak in hot water and add one or two sliced ​​lemons.
Leave on for a few hours and then wash classically. White should be white again 🙂

✔︎ White vinegar with a few drops of the popular aromatherapy oil will serve as a natural softener.
They not only soften and unwind the laundry but also disinfect it.


Where can I find Cleanly?

Available at local supermarket or drugstore


more coming soon…


Frequently asked questions

Are laundry strips soluble?

Yes, the strips are 100% soluble even in very cold water.

How many kilograms of laundry can be used with one strip?

The Cleanly laundry strip is designed for the most common size of washing machine, approximately 7 kg of laundry.

How to use Cleanly strips?

Tear off one strip and insert it into the washing machine drum.

What colours of laundry can Cleanly strips be used for?

Laundry strips are suitable for all colours.

Can Cleanly laundry strips be used with dark clothes?

Yes, they can. Thanks to the active ingredients and 100% solubility, they do not make any stains even on dark clothes..

How many washes does one pack of Cleanly laundry strips contain?

There are 16 double strips in the package. One strip for one washing machine. Just tear off one strip and throw it in the washing machine. If you are a family and wash eg. 32 washing machines a month, you have one pack per month. If you are alone in the household and washing 8 times a month, the package will last for 4 months.

Do the strips wash even in hard or soft water?

We tested the laundry strips in various cities in Slovakia. We can say that even without fabric softener, no household had hard laundry after drying out. We met with the opinion that most households had softer laundry than before.

How do laundry smell after washing with laundry strips?

Cleanly laundry strips for 32 washes (unscented) are, as the name implies, no added fragrant ingredients. However, a small amount of lavender essential oil, which is there for washing process, will leave your laundry clean and fresh without harmful "fragrances".


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